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Introduction to Cutover API

Our API gives you programmatic access to Cutover’s platform and resources such as your workspaces, runbooks, tasks, teams and users. You can connect other systems to Cutover and build sophisticated inbound automated processes, extending your Cutover instance’s functionality and capabilities.  

Cutover’s API is RESTful. This means common HTTP methods (GET, PATCH, POST and DELETE) are used to access and manipulate resources via predictable resource-oriented URLs. For instance, retrieving a list of runbooks from a workspace is done via 

GET https://api.[cutover_instance_name]

Our API accepts and returns JSON in the HTTP body, and it returns standard HTTP response codes (such as 200 OK or 401 Unauthorized, for example).

To get started with our API, you need to:

1. Ensure you have the ‘Developer’ role assigned

2. Know your base URL

3. Create a user app token with which to authenticate to the API

4. Understand how to make an inbound REST API call

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) if you need further guidance on our API.

To find out about our Cutover API and the capabilities and benefits, please see our Cutover API information guide.