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Obtaining resource IDs for path parameters

Obtaining resource IDs for path parameters

Once you have a user app token, you can begin to make API requests. However, a lot of operations require a resource’s ID to be added to the GET, PATCH or DELETE request’s {id} path parameter. This is so you can correctly retrieve, update, delete or manipulate your chosen resource. 

Note: You will need to find this ID for your API request to work, otherwise your call will error.

To show you how to obtain a resource’s ID, let us take the example of archiving a user because they have left your organization. You would need to:

1. Use the API’s List Users operation to retrieve a list of all users and find the ID of the user you wish to archive (for example “id” : “307”). 

GET https://api.[cutover_instance_name]

2. Use the API’s Archive a User operation, and provide the ID obtained in your first request in the {id} path parameter to archive that user.

PATCH https://api.[cutover_instance_name]

It is also possible to obtain some resource IDs from the resource’s URL or interface within the Cutover application, such as for runbooks or tasks.

A screenshot showing resource ID in a URL string
A screenshot showing the location of 'Resource ID' in the user interface